Motivation for Sustainable Three: 

When I was a child, I read the book  Barbarapapa’s Ark by Annette Tison & Talus Taylor (Xerox, 1974).  It really moved me.  An image from that story has eternally stuck in my mind.  It is of people walking around in gas masks in a grey, polluted world.  They are dreaming of doing their favorite activities and of the beautiful world that existed before all the pollution of their air, land and water occurred.  This book motivated me to help preserve the beautiful world in which we live.  My grandmother always said “leave it better than you found it”.

Polluted air, water and land are uncomfortable realities we can see today all around the world.  However, there is still beauty to be found and preserved and enjoyed.  And, it’s not too late.

Barbapapa's Ark Image

Humans dreaming of a better world in “Barbapapa’s Ark” book by Annette Tison & Talus Taylor (Xerox, 1974)

As I’ve grown up and had children, a deep desire to prevent what I saw in the picture from happening has swelled to the point that I must do something.

I have found trying to reduce our family’s carbon footprint to be frustrating and tedious, but not impossible. I feel like I “should” do something to improve our environment. As I learn and grow, I hope to help others on their journey to more sustainable living by sharing and researching sustainable practices.  And, get the “should” off my back.

People in the 1940’s and 1950’s were taught to throw things away.  People today are learning to reuse and recycle.  And, yes, you can make a difference…a little at a time.  Even from something as small as picking up a candy wrapper to starting a garden.  If you pick up a piece of litter, try to make sure at least three people see you do it. 🙂

Goal:  To support sustainability practices by encouraging readers/clients to change three habits at a time to become more environmentally sustainable for a better planet.”

SustainableThree.com’s Mission:

To make sustainable living as easy as 1-2-3 through blog posts, challenges and consulting practices.

What does “sustainable living” mean?


“any lifestyle based on energy-saving and environmental responsibility” (dictionary.com)