Learn how to get the “should” off your back.  You know, “I really should start recycling.”  “I really should drive less.”  “I really should conserve more energy.” “I really should try riding my bicycle to work. Some day.  Maybe.  Well, there is no some day, there is only now.  Now is the time to take action.  And this is the place to find all sorts of activities and actions you can take to make a positive difference on our environment.

Here to Help:

Whether you are new to doing things in a “sustainable” way or you are very experienced, you will find some resources here to help.  Climate Change is a very real, human accelerated happening.  For those who can’t get enough of climate change. One word: Venus. Sadly, there is no Plan(et) “B”.  But, what can you do?  Well, taking even a small action is something.  It literally can be as small as combining three errands to reduce your time in the car.  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and the more you do, the more you will inspire others to make a positive change for the better.

Sustainable Three Services


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Look forward to interviews with people making a difference in sustainability.  Everything from city-wide recycling to community solar, we’ll be talking to the movers and shakers who are making it easier and easier to reduce your carbon footprint.


Don’t know where to start?  Services range from where to begin with sustainable living practices:

*Education – What the heck is Sustainability?  What activities lead to more sustainable living?  It CAN be less daunting to save energy, grow your own food, reduce your carbon footprint and more.

*Recycling – How to get started, what is recyclable in your area, where to recycle or how to repurpose hard-to-recycle items.

*Composting – The basics plus a start-up kit.  Some cities offer commercial composting at the curb.

*Gardening – Don’t know where to begin with a home garden?  Let’s get started!

*Reducing toxins in your home – What’s a better choice when it comes to cleaners, soaps and pest control?  Go through the items in your home and find recommended inexpensive, more environmentally-friendly options.

*Decluttering – Overwhelmed with all the stuff?  Find help to reduce and reorganize your stuff in an eco-friendly way.

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